Tuesday, March 13, 2012

be sure to check back

i have decided to learn to pee standing up.

at its fundamental level, this isn't too hard.  all of you who never pee in the shower, please raise your hands.

thought so.

anyway, a friend of ours swears she has a friend who can do this with accuracy about as well as the boys and that was at the back of my head a week or so ago when i read an article about river rafting and it mentioned that on these trips women learn to pee standing up, since you can't pee on the shore because of environmental concerns and you can't get in the water to pee because of safety concerns.

i wish i could remember the article so i could link you to it, but someone asserted that if you took a picture of a line of pee-ers from the back, you wouldn't be able to tell from the streams who was male and who was female.

so i thought that would be a handy skill to acquire. i don't imagine it will ever be quite as handy as having point and shoot apparatus that one can just pull out of a conveniently placed portal in the clothing, but it's supposed to be an improvement over simply squatting in the woods.

while i won't be reporting in any great detail (you're welcome), i'll keep you posted.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I can truly say I have never needed to pee standing up or wanted to. Most men I know would rather sit indoors than stand however standing does come in handy when outdoors.
And who pees in the shower besides George Costanza?- gross!!!!!

Karen Kaye said...

I can do this, flask! Practice in the shower (yes, Peg LOL!) and it works great. I can even write my name with the best of them! Just lift everything up and out and don't completely empty your bladder or you'll drip everywhere.

I usually save the "skill" for port-a-potties and it's saved my bottom at many a festival!

flask said...

karen, thank you for your informative comment.

i'm workin' on it.


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