Saturday, March 17, 2012


today syracuse (goooOOOOOO orange) is playing KU (rock chalk jayhawk KU) since i like both teams, there's not really a bad outcome for me. i would be happy to see either team advance. i'd be happier if they BOTH advanced, but that's not how tourneys work.

the last time a thing like this happened to me it was syracuse getting beat by UVM and i got teased about it by someone who ought to have known better.

it was sad, though, because that year syracuse was hosting a bracket, and i was in syracuse the morning after the game and (as often happens in syracuse) is was grey and cold and raining. it was like the whoel town had dolled up for a party they were having but then at the last minute all the guests arrived and the host was suddenly, inexplicably uninvited but the guests stayed on anyway even though the house was covered in mourning crepe.

but what i'm REALLY (and predictably) excited about is and awesome interactive chart that you can find here.

go on, go. don't waste your time here.

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