Wednesday, March 28, 2012

too busy to work out, eh?

i have a wii fit. it's actually a good fitness tool, if not terribly advanced. it won't take the place of running every other day or riding or putting on the real miles, but it's good for some things.

but you get the part where i run every other day, right? outside? and sometimes ride my bike or something else?

so when you get on a wii fit every other day, the little wii avatar thingie asks you "too busy to work out yesterday, eh?"

maybe i'm just testy, but today i shouted  "no, i'm not too busy to work out, you self-righteous little prick!"

somebody missed the boat when they designed this thing.  software that tracks every fluctuation of weight over three years and keeps track of when you use the blasted thing might -just might- have included a feature that notices a stable pattern and just shuts up about it.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

there's something really creepy about technology bitching at you.
Don't know that I could handle an inanimiate object being passive agressive with me like that.

flask said...

i nearly threw the blasted thing right out the window.

then i thought maybe i was taking it too personally.


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