Wednesday, March 14, 2012

eat more pi

today is pi day.

if you are paying attention to the world of mathematics at all, you know that this is an increasingly controversial day.

there seem to be fewere and fewer holidays that don't involve controversy of some sort.

the opposition on this one comes from proponents of tau, which makes sense to me, except this morning i was laying in bed (not snoozing, mind you, these were my first thoughts on waking) and i do not think i have seen the arguably more convenient tau used to describe the area of a circle. seems like that's not a simplification, but i haven't had time energy to really think about it.

instead, i'm going to provide you with some little links about pi and tau and let you sort things out for yourself.

i was going to say that i'm simply going to retire to the sofa, but today some men came to take it away for reupholstery.

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