Thursday, March 15, 2012

march meh-ness

it's the NCAA men's roundball tourney! yay!

it's not that i'm truly indifferent; i'm uh, limited in my fandom. i am wildly interested if syracuse is playing. i am a big syracuse fan (but only for men's basketball and no other sport) (no, i am not trying to explain that to you.).

i am moderately interested if UVM is playing, because i live near burlington, VT and grew up in that particular college town.

i am casually interested if KU is doing really, really well, because cr went to school there and while she cares litte for sports of any kind, she remembers some of the boys that used to play them and has some vestigial fondness. cr useta be friendly with the cheerleaders and had a close call with being little jay. (YOU look it up if you want.)

in other sports, i only care about baseball if the red sox are playing. my enthusiasm for the sox does not extend even so far as to give me the energy to hate the yankees, which is what you do around here: you love one and hate the other.

not me.

i hate american football of every kind, regionality, and age level. i extend my antipathy to football players, cheerleaders, and the entire superbore weekend.

i have a passing interest in soccer (or football, as it's called nearly everywhere else), especially if the revolution are playing.

WWF extreme fighting is the gayest thing i have ever seen.

bear in mind that i have no objection to gay things and am entirely gay friendly. i can see gay male porn with equanimity but mixed martial arts cagefighting embarrasses me with its intimacy. every time i see it on tv it feels vaguely and uncomfortably like i have walked into some couple's bedroom at an awkward time.

i adore watching canadian curling when i can find it on tv, and i will watch the tour de france obsessively, every day it's on, every year, no matter who is riding. the tour is the whole reason i have satellite tv in the first place. if you want to know where i am in the entire month of july, i am at home watching bicycle racing.

i'm willing to watch other races too, but they just don't give the other big classics or even newer races much full coverage and televised bicycle racing is weird: it is stunningly boring to watch unless you watch the WHOLE THING, in which case your glacial attention span is rewarded by amazing awareness of subtle drama and breathtaking courage.

and golf? i watch a lot of golf, but not on tv and only on one particular hole. i wouldn't bother, but i can see the 7th green from my sofa.

btw, i cannot find proper attribution for this comic. i am still looking.

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