Tuesday, March 27, 2012


today i went for my run and i was not expecting much out of it since the last three times i ran that distance my times were nearly identical at over 27 minutes.

and i was away all weekend and eating away food, so i wasn't really surprised not to have lost any weight last week. not an ounce did i gain or lose, despite all the running and stuff.

but today i came in under 25 minutes, which is an astounding 14.7 minute mile.

you know.

 astounding for me.

because when i was in good shape i didn't run faster than a fifteen minute mile, not ever.

sweet. maybe next week i will add to my distance or something.

and from my desk, here's a little project.

to break up the trip a little, while i was on the road i took a picture every fifteen minutes and made a cute little video montage.

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