Monday, March 19, 2012

some discomfort

speaking of discomfort, did you see the kansas/purdue game last night?

i did.

a lot of the time when i am watching sporting events i am doing crafts or making soup or something. not this game. i was rooting for the jayhawks (q.v. cr, below) and things didn't look good. not good at all.

jayhawks didn't manage to tie up the game or even take the lead, not ONCE until they had about three minutes left in the game and squeaked out a one point lead which they lost immediately on the next turnover and things were looking very grim indeed until they managed to get that slim one point lead with nineteen seconds left on the clock.

nineteen seconds is a LONG time to defend a one point lead with purdue hitting long threes all night.

but they managed to do it, and sink one more basket besides. the purdue team and fans looked something just past disgusted and i'm sure there's a lot of moaning about "should'a'" and "deserving", but the ball falls where it does and there's a REASON kansas was seeded higher than them, anyway.

it was pretty exciting. i stood up most of the time, right in front of my tv.

today i went to the house i'm modeling to take measurements and pictures. while the homeowner is very happy to see the model and will love having it done, i do not think she gives much thought to the idea that i am necessarily in her house poking into corners and taking pictures of things like baseboards (what rooms are they in? along what walls?) and plumbing fixtures and closets. i think she would be appalled to know that i have seven hundred pictures of her house, and very few of them are pretty arty shots. they are mostly of things like the underside of the stairs.

and i went to a friend's house and did some light yard work and house chores. never mind why. and if anyone asks, i wasn't there. i only bring it up because when i got home after having done a good piece of work already and already "enjoying" some discomfort, i went for my run at the new distance.

it did not suck as bad as i thought it would. i started out in moderate pain, but it was localized pain, so not so bad. and i didn't reach the level of "hurts pretty much bad" (which is not as good as "significant pain" but not as bad as "extreme pain") until i had only about  two tenths of a mile left, so it almost doesn't count.

i timed it, just so you could have an idea of exactly how slow a runner i am. even when i am in peak form (and by peak form i mean a year in which i might win some cycling trophies) i am a very poor runner. in my present condition i ran the whole 1.66 miles in just twenty-seven minutes.

that is very nearly a sixteen minute mile, my friends.

i have never run better than a fifteen minute mile. not even in a year when i considered and sixty-mile bike ride to be no big thing and did it a couple of times a week and got trophies and stuff.


there's hope.

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