Saturday, November 22, 2014

immigration reform maneuvering explained

"we're not gonna do jack shit", said congress.
"i'm going to make an executive order about immigration reform", said the president.
"we would like immigration reform", said the latinos. a lot of people said this, but the latinos as a group like this a lot.
"yeah, but we are not going to do jack shit" said congress. "we don't want anything to work."
"oh, yeah? here's my executive order", said the president.
"yay!" said a moderate number of latinos and interested others.
"that is very wrong", said congress. "it is wrong to give an order without waiting to see if we were going to do this ourselves and take credit for it".
"but you said-" said the president.
"very wrong", said congress. "and now you will pay. we are going to take those new rights away from those immigrants."
"just you go ahead and do that, " said the president. "see how that plays in the 2016 elections."
"you guys all suck", said the latinos.


Dumpsterkitty said...

I don't think we can post pictures in the comments...but a good one I just spotted on FB...

"You know what else was an Executive Order that bypassed Congress and affected millions?

The Emancipation Proclamation..."

Not many of us can say we aren't from immigrant stock. My Great Grandpa David was most definitely "illegal"...jumped ship from Wales on a merchant voyage.

The day I see the children of the privileged sweating in 105° heat picking onions is the day I'll consider their opinion.

bulletholes said...

Please dont send them back until they finish the freeways...and who's gonna build the wall?


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