Friday, November 21, 2014

northwest bay

last month i went paddling on the northwest bay of lake george. although i'd been TO lake george, i'd never been ON lake george, and had therefore not given much thought to the thing they say about the "emerald green" water. i'd always thought of it as a bit of a tourism slogan.

the morning kind of started out as a comedy of errors, which you can read about here, because while i do write about some of my geocaching adventures in this blog, there is always a more cache-centric version of the story in the logs.

i like to make sure that if for some reason a person decided to read me in both places that there's at least some different material to make it worth their time clicking over.

here are some pretty pictures, though.


Hundewanderer said...

If you ever come to AZ, my dogs will know you by the sounds of your voice on the videos :)

What is the big chain in the trees for?

flask said...

i have no idea what those chains are for.

say hi to your dogs for me.


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