Wednesday, November 19, 2014

watering tub road

i love weird road names.

last month i was on watering tub road in horicon, ny.

and i came around the corner and there's this:

the sign behind it says "water not potable" and i know that usually when there's an untreated water source, the town or the state will come and post that it's not tested or is not potable even if it is. sometimes, though, the water is NOT POTABLE and the only way to find out, really, is to go ask a local.

some half hour previous i had passed general store so i went back there and i asked about the water source the lady at the counter said "oh, duane know all about that stuff" and she called duane up from the back.

i asked him if the water from the tub was potable, and he said "oh, sure. i pote the heck outta it all the time."

then he went on to tell me that not only is it potable, but the town actually comes out and tests the water every week and they often clean out the bowl of the tub, which by the way is a fabulous pink-and-green granite affair.

the water is sweet and good, too.

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Kristin @ Going Country said...

That's awesome. As is Duane's reply to your question.


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