Saturday, November 01, 2014


today i was out on a road near my house. it is a place where the road used to go through, but doesn't any more. i have gone out there to pick apples and play with leaves or hang out at the cemetery, or wade in the brook.

and just as i was leaving today, a green pickup truck came screaming up purposefully and the driver whipped out his smartphone and began taking pictures in that way officious pricks who want you to KNOW you're being reported.

a pertinent little piece of information is that i live right next to the ethan allen firing range. this is a gubmint facility where sojers are trained.


but sometimes those boys and girls take WAY too seriously their charge to report everything they see out by the porta-potties.

if the guy had gotten out of the truck to talk to me, he'd have found out who i am and that i live here and what i was doing OUTSIDE THE FENCE, ON THE PUBLIC ROAD.

since he was playing power surveillance, i continued on with my business, which was driving away. he took lots of pictures, though. i giggle a little to imagine what the conversation with his superiors sounded like.

"sergeant, i have taken pictures of a middle aged lady on the public road outside the fence near the porta-potty!"

i imagine he sounded rather a self-important fool.

i can only hope.

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