Monday, November 03, 2014

not everyone is smart enough to vote.

i am hearing lately that somehow ebola is either the fault of the president, or the failure of the united states to declare some sort of intervention against ebola here in the united states is the fault of the president.

these people are too stupid to vote.

while ebola is a terrible disease, it's kind of hard to catch unless you're in actual contact with the body fluids of someone who is symptomatic. this does not mean that you were in a room with someone who had started to develop the fever. it means you got FLUIDS ON YOU. if someone with ebola puked on you, you should be very, very worried.

but, see, the thing is that you're not likely to be exposed to ebola without knowing it, and if you are in a panic about it, you are too stupid to vote.

if you somehow think the president is to blame for ebola, you are halfway to too stupid to breathe.

and as long as i'm ranting, the president has appointed a non-medical person to organize a response to ebola. he didn't appoint a non-medical person to treat ebola nor to make medical decisions about ebola. he appointed a getting stuff done guy to get stuff done.

it sounds reasonable to me. a competent get-stuff-done guy would be able to coordinate doctors and truck drivers and border agents and get opinions from everybody about what can and should be done, right?

but if you're a fearmonger and you mobilize your base by playing to fear that you create, you are not stupid. you are predatory and slimy and you are preying on stupid fearful people and you should be clapped in irons.

and just so we're clear, i do not like the president. there are a lot of reasons not to like the president. ebola is not one of them.

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