Tuesday, January 12, 2016

ball and cage

in december, partly when i was on camp four and partly when i was home, i made my very first carving project. you know, because i like to have a project.

and of course even though ball and cage is a pretty normal beginner carving project, apparently usually people go about it with a hunk of wood that's been chosen and cut and seasoned as CARVING STOCK and not a sawed-off hunk of appletree branch.

plus while a leatherman crater is a pretty good knife to just have as a single blade locking folding knife you keep in your pocket (a knife like that is required gear for the bitter pill), it isn't even remotely a good carving knife because the serrated part of the edge really gets in the way of you using it properly for carving.

but you know.  i didn't yet know any of that stuff.

so i went and did it with no measuring tools and no template and the knife i had and a hunk of an applewood branch.

apple is a hard wood, and its grain can be kind of complex.

but i did it. i made a video of my daily progress, so if you like slow moving videos, you may enjoy this.


Kristin @ Going Country said...

That's awesome. You have a great future ahead of you in carving. (I know this would probably never occur to you, so let me tell you that you just made an excellent baby toy. It moves! It can be chewed on! It's not crappy plastic! As long as the ball doesn't fall out and then get swallowed or something, I guess.)

flask said...

kristin, i will bear that in mind should i ever have contact with a baby.


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