Monday, January 04, 2016

tour the res

on the warm days, the summer days, you wake up near to sunrise and enjoy the quiet hours, maybe going for a paddle. you have time to sit and read, or just sit.

on the warm days, you do your paddling early and late so you don't get sunburned with the sun both beating down overhead and reflecting up off the water.

on the cold days, you maybe don't paddle at all; you're behind in the wood chopping, or you have to tend the fire, and the sky only starts getting light around seven and it starts to get dark by three-thirty.

on the short days it seems frivolous to go touring in your boat, but maybe one day you do it anyway.

i did, on 7 december. it was a beautiful misty morning that cleared to blue and it was so warm that later in the day i had to tie up my ear flaps.

but here are some pictures i took, touring little coves and inlets on the res i had never seen before.

  this is elephant rock, which only looks elephanty when you look at it from the side. if you look at it from the front, especially when leaves or debris are on it, it's more of an "x marks the spot" kind of thing.

you have to look carefully to see it, but near the center of the frame is a trail marker pointing down. the likely explanation is either it washed up from elsewhere, or it's a casualty of ban erosion. i am not familiar enough with the placement of the VAST trails near the res to know which.

it's funny to think about, though.

here's the view out one of the coves.

parts of the res have tall clay banks and this graffiti is only scratched into the sidewall. rain and erosion wash it away. one of the messages says "I LOVE MOM AND DAD."

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