Wednesday, January 20, 2016

open letter to the wrigley company

dear the wrigley company (a subsidiary of  mars, incorporated),

it isn't a secret that on a global scale, people in general prefer the red and pink starbursts. it makes me happy to note that because of it you offer a package that contains only red and pink.

perhaps i am in the minority here, but while i prefer red and pink, i feel my overall starburst experience is more enjoyable if i also have the orange and yellow.

imagine my dismay to discover that a big bag of regular mixed flavors contains not a balance of the four flavors, but MOSTLY ORANGE AND YELLOW with some pink and red thrown in, as if by signaling a willingness to eat the orange and yellow starburst that i have somehow expressed a preference for those colors.


surely it can't be that hard to just produce more red and pink starburst to meet the demand, rather than giving ALL THE EXTRA ORANGE AND YELLOW to anyone who is willing to take them?

what genius over at the plant can't figure this one out?

get real, wrigley. don't make me come over there.


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