Monday, January 25, 2016

open letter to the sanders campaign

dear sanders 2016 campaign,

your emails asking for more money are making me sad.

i'll tell you why: i already gave you all the money i can afford to give you, which was precious little.

i know that because you are refusing to take the money of the huge corporations and PACs that you oppose, you need a constant infusion of small donations from regular people.

when i went to make my small donation some months ago, i gave you more than i meant to, because i figured if i might give you that one small amount a few times, i might as well step up and give a little more up front so you can use it sooner rather than later.

as it is, i'm going to have to answer for it later. i'm going to have to explain that one small donation and justify it against the rest of my spending and i'm going to say it was important.

it's still important, and i'm still tapped out.

give me a call if you want someone to drive the carpool or stuff envelopes.

love, flask.

PS- your new ad is lovely.

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