Friday, January 08, 2016

clearing camp four

i spent a lot of time sawing wood while i was on camp four.

i meant to leave a bigger woodpile than i did, but i have to burn during most of my waking hours to keep warm.

here's s slideshow of the (nearly) daily progress at the top of the site. this is where most of the blowdown was, although i did also clear some trees and brush from the area behind the tent and behind my windbreak.


Kristin @ Going Country said...

Speaking of sawing . . . would you say the mechanism for releasing and locking up your Svensaw is easy to use? Like, easy enough for a six-year-old? I'm considering getting Cubby one for his birthday. I don't have any worries about him using the saw to saw wood, I just want to make sure it isn't too difficult to fold and unfold.

flask said...

i am not sure if it's easy enough for him. but since it's your kid, i am assuming he has enough manual dexterity to work a wingnut. it can be tricky to get it slotted because if you don't have a good angle the screww doesn't go. how much time do you have? i can make a youtube vid of me taking it apart and putting it together and you can judge.

Kristin @ Going Country said...

I still have a month before his birthday. He could definitely manage a wingnut, but I'm not sure he would bother. I'm trying to find something he can use and then safely stow the blade when he drops it, which he does all the time with the other saws. Makes me nervous with smaller boys running--and crawling--around. Maybe this one is a little too fussy for a six-year-old's lack of discipline.

flask said...

yeah, if the probelm is enough attention to fold it, you might want to skip it. there's always the pocket chainsaw, which i haven't reviewed yet. the short version is that it doesn't cut as fast or thin as any bowsaw, but it's easy to use, easy to put away, and easy to carry.

i handed one recently to a boy who had never used ANY kind of saw, with no ill results.


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