Sunday, January 03, 2016

gear review: svensaw

so i bought a svensaw.

i did this because it became quickly obvious to me how much free firewood is available on the remote campsites if only one has a saw. one may not cut any live or standing trees, but deadfall is fair game. there's a lot of deadfall you can use if you have a saw. for some reason, the deadfall for which you don't need a saw is largely already collected by less prepared campers. the thing about a saw, though, is it can be hard to pack. or if you want ease of packing you can buy one of those little folding blade saws, which are really good for saplings but not far past that.

so i got me a svensaw. MB has one, and she likes it.

so i set to using this thing. it is light and easy to pack and not too hard on your hands and did i mention when you fold it, the blade is fully retracted for safe packing? yeah, and it's not very heavy and doesn't take up a lot of space and after spending easily a hundred hours sawing logs on three different campsites, i can tell you that this is a handy little saw and i like it very much.

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