Thursday, January 07, 2016

trump comes to burlington

tonight donald trump will be having a rally in burlington, vermont.

burlington is a very liberal town in a very liberal state, and although we do have a few regressive racist counties where christian values include having women know their place and beating up fags, it would be a challenge to find a full 1400 people in this whole state who would vote for donald trump over bernard sanders.

that number, 1400, is important because that's how many seats there are in flynn theater, which is the venue for which trump has booked 20,000 tickets to his event.

our state republican party does not like trump. here is a quote from a statement by the senate minority leader joe benning (r - caledonia): “I am in no way a supporter of Donald Trump and have made it quite clear that I do not support either his candidacy or his rhetoric. He does not speak for me, a Vermont Republican,”

even in the extremely racist, homophobic, muslim-hating, gun-toting counties, they still love senator sanders. it's really wild if you look at election results here, because those counties still go for sanders because while they prefer a candidate who hates gays and women and muslims and brown people, they also like to eat.

what i'm saying here is that this is not great trump territory. there is nothing to be gained for him here other than the very trump-like gesture of pissing on senator sanders' home base.

later on, trump is going to tell lies about how many people wanted to see him, and how YUUUUGE a crowd he drew in sanders' base, right across the street from city hall where sanders was mayor. you're going to hear a lot from trump about the universal support he enjoyed here in burlington and how enthusiastically we rose to greet him.

he is already trivializing the concerns of the police over this event.

oh. police are concerned?

why yes, they are.

because maybe you should look at a map of burlington.

you should notice how small burlington is, and how few routes into, out of, and through the city there are. you should note the proximity of the flynn to city hall park, city hall itself, and the church street freaking pedestrian mall.

then imagine THREE angry protests in that small space, and a confirmed 6500 people who intend to try to get into those 1400 seats and TWENTY THOUSAND tickets and you can see why the police are concerned.

“If Phish was holding a free concert at the Flynn and gave away 20,000 free tickets, we would cancel the event out of public safety concerns,” Police Chief Brandon del Pozo told the Burlington Free Press .

vermont mostly hates trump, and trump supporters are kind of hateful.

i do not see how anything about this could possibly go wrong.

what i know for sure is that trump will be talking about it as a great personal victory for some time to come. you just watch.

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