Monday, June 27, 2016

in which we go geocaching. again.

in a happy surprise, this year's venture vermont challenge includes "try geocaching", which is kind of  a no brainer for me, since i have been geocaching more or less regularly since 2002. it's A Thing I Do.

so last week when i called up my dad, he asked if i wanted to come spend the day geocaching over around glens falls and i was all, like, sure. he likes to leave his house at 0900 so i left my house at 0700 and off we went.

on the way to glens falls (and if you are with an obsessive geocacher, there is ALWAYS something on the way) we had to stop and get three geocaches in the putts creek wildlife management area near crown point.

then we went on our way. by day's end we managed to find fourteen caches (plus one i'd found already that for some reason my dad and stepmother hadn't?) and because i'd rather not be spoilery about the caches, i am not telling you which ones are pictured here.

fresh beaverwork
here's chickie signing a log.
this little cache has its own spooky gazebo.

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