Friday, June 17, 2016

people are awesome

i don't just toss my gopro into a bag; the part of the casing over the lens might get scratched. i have a sweet little mesh fabric bag with a drawstring to protect it.

and a couple of days ago i took the camera out of the bag to harass some tadpoles up at preston pond (well, not really preston pond, but the beaver pond above it). when the camera is all wet or muddy on the outside, i don't put it back in the bag until i have it rinsed at least, often dried.

so i didn't notice until two days later that i was missing the bag.

yesterday i was up on the trails playing junior naturalist and i thought maybe if i dropped it somewhere i could retrace some of my steps and i would find it.

and nearly back to the parking, hanging on a little painting in a tree (we have such things), was my bag.

so thank you, anonymous person who found a nice bag and assumed i would come looking for it.

thank you.

1 comment:

Zhoen said...

Nice folks all over. This little thing just cheers me up immensely after the news lately. Thank you.


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