Sunday, June 19, 2016


oh, look! another post about the venture vermont challenge! so this item reads "Make natural tea using pine needles, spruce need les, or birch tree twig tips ( 5 pts)"

i have, in my day, made a lot of teas using these things. if you're caught in a survival situation, they can provide nutrients you NEED. plus it's just cool to know how to do it.

but let's face it: any tea made from anything in the evergreen family tastes a lot like chewing on a pine tree. or a hemlock or a spruce. they don't all taste the same, but have similar qualities.

birch twigs similarly can be pressed into service to make a not-unpleasant tea that taste a lot like birch twigs. go on, go outside and bite the twigs of some birch trees. i'll wait.

while i'm waiting, here is a totally unrelated video i like.

ok, are you back?

birch twigs have a fairly pleasant wintergreen taste. if you put some of the twigs in your tea infuser and drop it in boiling water and let it steep, you get a tea that tastes a lot like birch twigs.

so i made a cup of it and drank it while i sat on the front step working on my cordage! yes! i am making natural fiber cordage! it is very exciting and later there will be pics. you want to guess WHY i am making cordage? of course.

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