Tuesday, June 28, 2016

in which we play golf

i took up disc golf some years ago because it looked fun and because i'm the sort of person who is more likely to go out and do a thing if i have a little goal. also, the more choices i have for fun things to do, the more likely i am to find one that will sound good enough to get me out of the house.

anyway, so i play disc golf. i'm not very good at it.

more specifically, i have problems with a long enough throw, with aim, with wild throws, and with not being able to coordinate the muscle movements involved in LETTING GO OF THE DISC at the end of the swing.

so i'm terrible at it. but it's still fun. i like a little walk on some trails with a thing to do, like  toss discs. plus you get all the additional exercise of bending over to pick them up.

i hadn't golfed at all since last season, and when i got to center chains i didn't see the red tee. the blue and white ones had been updated, but i did not see the children's tee, which is what i have habitually played off of, because even at that short distance with easy lies i'm still not very good at it.

so since i didn't see a red tee on the first hole, i played white for the front nine.


wow, suckage. that course is par 3 on every hole and i managed to shoot 6 and 7.

for the back nine i decided to shoot from the red tees, which are not just present, but well marked. that makes a big difference for me. i shot 4s and 5s on nearly everything, and even managed to shoot par on the 15th! so yay!

so here are some pics.

nope, not in the basket.
the views from this hole are pretty.
best hole of the day.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I've seen these at a place I take my dog and always wondered what these were. Thank you. Golf...ha


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