Wednesday, June 29, 2016

sand castle

i always imagine that my sand castle is going to be awesome.

it isn't. maybe i just don't have a good enough concept of design, or maybe i just don't have enough practice.

anyway, Build a sand sculpture at a state park beach (5 pts) is on the venture vermont challange this year.

of course it is.

so i went over to waterbury center state park with a couple of containers and a couple of tools and got down to building. i made a timelapse video of me building the thing, but it didn't turn out interesting even by my standards, so there are only a couple of still shots.

what i learned is that sandcastle building is kind of hard on the back and knees.

who'd 'a' thunk?

still. i made a castle. i think it would have looked better if i'd added a door.

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