Monday, June 20, 2016

no, a different scavenger hunt.

a'ight. i belong to a scavenger hunt meetup in the greater burlington area. saturday afternoon we had our second scavenger hunt, which was some serious fun. the guy doing it is really skilled with puzzle setting and is just crazy enough, i guess, to have the desire to organize such a thing.

maybe it's an instance of having to create the kind of world you want to live in.

my teammates were smart and funny and had a more than passing knowledge of the terrain.

i'm only putting that in the past tense because the event is over. the people are still probably smart and funny and they still probably have a more than passing knowledge of the terrain.

the most comedically rich bits of the hunt come with the bonus items, which often involve enlisting the help of random strangers. because really, who doesn't love it when a carload of strangers comes screeching into a gas station to ask you if they can get pictures of themselves helping you fill up your tank?

this is us on a slide.  i wish to stress that we ASKED the present adults to be in the picture with us, but the child either volunteered or was volunteered. we did not snatch a child off of a playground.

the REALLY funny thing, i think, is the part where we ask some total strangers to sing "i'm a little teapot" with us. with motions. on video. the first couple we asked were not just random strangers, but limited-english-speaking tourists who may have been amused to help, but did not know the song.

the second people we asked were happy to help.

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