Wednesday, June 22, 2016

leaf morphology

you may have noticed that this year's flask nature scavenger hunt is heavy on leaf morphology. why? because there's an item on the venture vermont challenge about leaf morphology, that's why.

Find and photograph these 3 leaf types (10 pts): Toothed, lobed and compound

by the way, if you are reading this blog at all, i encourage you to play the scavenger hunt. you do not have to do all the items or categories to play, and you can submit your entry over the internets AND there will be prizes. you love prizes, right?

uh, anyway. leaf morphology. there are a LOT of ways you can categorize leaves, but the venture challenge only asks for three.

golden alexander, yellow mustard, and stinging nettle are all good examples of toothed leaves.
golden alexander
yellow mustard
stinging nettle

oaks and maples all have lobed leaves.

probably a scarlet oak
sugar maple
in the field of compound leaves, it's had to do better as a class than ferns, but ferns by no means hold a monopoly on the compound leaf.

cinnamon fern
honey locust

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