Tuesday, July 20, 2010

here, kitty.

yesterday i had a CAT scan. it's about that mountain bike crash i had a month ago and from which i still have localized abdominal pain. we don't think i'm going to die from it, but we think maybe i could'a' hurt something and maybe we ought to check.

anyway, they don't want to give me the IV dye contrast, because not only do i have multiple drug allergies and fall in the high-risk group with regard to this dye, but i once had a severe reaction to IVP dye and although they wouldn't be using that exact dye today, it places me in the crazy high risk group for a deadly reaction, although they don't phrase it quite that way.

nobody has any worry about giving me a whole buncha vile quasi-banana flavored barium shake, and i have to drink two of them. it's not bad enough i have to drink them, but they want me to drink them slowly over the space of an hour, a half hour each, so chugging the horrid things to get them down while they're still cold and therefore less, uh, objectionable is out of the question.

i wanted to take a whole bunch of pictures of the machine for you, because if you are reading this blog you probably have at least a passing interest in things that interest me, and i am naturally attracted to big, clean looking machines (but phobic about big rusty, clanky ones), big smooth holes, things with buttons, whirly things, and things with patterns of lights.

an EEG is almost a dream come true for me. a CAT scan is still pretty cool.

if i'd have pressed the issue they may have let me take pictures of the machine, but i had already asked if i could keep an empty barium shake jar as a souvenir and i was already on their list of odd.

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Mad Jack said...

I'm allergic to the IV dye as well. There I was, minding my own business while lying on the go to Jesus cart with two doctors, a young one and an old one, trying to take pretty pictures of my insides. Suddenly I realized I was having trouble breathing.

"Hey, I can't breathe." I said, trying to catch my breath. I'm an asthmatic so the sensation is nothing knew to me.

Neither doctor said much, but the old one dropped what he was doing and got a hypo ready in record time. He wasn't gentle about jabbing me with it, either.

Sadly, he was too late or too little, and I expired quietly.


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