Wednesday, July 21, 2010

running late

well, now that july is nearly over, i'm pleased to announce that i  have finally clocked my june photos.

if you're following along, you already know that i take a picture every thirteen hours, wherever i am, no matter what i'm doing. yesterday i got the brilliant (i thought) idea to compile some data about my daily activities based on the photos, now that i have six months of my life documented at handy thirteen hour intervals.

i guess i could make some cool charts or graphs and answer the question "what exactly do you do with your time?", as if anyone had asked.

still, while i'm compiling photos, it does give me pause. snapshot life is not life, and it is not the moments we think of. it is not all the best moments, nor is it the important moments, nor the moments we necessarily want others to see.

for better or for worse, here's june:

1 comment:

Mad Jack said...

Someday I'm going to read your site and completely understand what's going on.


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