Saturday, July 31, 2010

up and down

it is no longer a mystery vacation; ihave landed in gorham, nh. i have lots and lots of nice pictures to show you, but the wifi here at the motel won't support posting them.

today i got up in the morning and made my way slowly (by way of several geocaches) over to the mt. washington auto road. twenty-three dollars maybe seems too steep (unintended pun erased and then allowed to stand), but it was five different flavors of awesome and i ended up spending pretty much the whole day at it.

it turns out i'm still pretty exhausted on top of being in general not up to my best conditioning, so even though i didn't go for a long hike, it was plenty hike for me.

from the top of the mountain i walked a half mile down the tuckerman ravine trail as far as the crossover and then it was three-o'clock and time for my turnaround.

back up at the top i hung around for a while and only started down around quarter past five.

that's quite some road, the toll road.

on my way down for a while i had a guy from new jersey riding close on my butt. i can't figure out why. i'm in a line of traffic on a very steep twisty road and it seems prudent to me to leave plently of space between me and the car ahead, but i guess it's a matter of taste.

strikes me that if you're in a hurry to get somewhere, the mt. washington toll road is not for you.

talk to you later.

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