Wednesday, July 07, 2010

online toys

it will be no surprise to you that i like toys.

for today i'm giving you a little list of a few online timewasters toys that i like and wish to share with you.

click on these links at your own risk; and not if you're on deadline about anything.

is a little thingy that lets you play with sound and rhythm ans it is totally addictive.

play with color and movement! this guy has some other cool graphics toys you can play with, too.

do you suspect that the person you're arguing with is not just a whack-a-loon, but suffers from stupid, bad argument? you can brush up.

i think i have mentioned this one before. i never get tired of it, though.

make cool little stereograms. then get obsessed with them and buy an inexpensive piece of software that will allow you to put your entire life on hold while you play with creating them, even though you never really could get them to work for you.

kind of like that colorblind guy i used to know who was obsessed with the color blue.

he was also heavily schizophrenic, so he was likely at odd intervals to hold up an object suddenly and shout loudly "is this BLUE???"

i have another thing i found but i haven't played with it yet, so i don't know how it works. if it's cool, i'll let you know.


Mad Jack said...

I am supposed to be working. How can I get anything done with you distracting me?

flask said...

uh, sorry.

i think i warned you, however weak the warning was.

back to work with you!


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