Saturday, July 10, 2010

liquid sunshine

don't ask me how "let's get together sometime next week to finish watching a movie we were watching" turned into five people coming for movie night, but somehow it happened and i'm really happy it's going to happen, but i'm still just a little confused.

the heat broke enough to cook, which is good because i got to do all the stove-using prep work before people get here, which in the summer is a good thing.

it's a good thing cr is bringing the pizzas.

but i'm making (have made) a really nice VERY dark chocolate mocha custard that verges on bitter, but the dish is lined with caramel, so it's velvety and you can manage the sweetness yourself.

there's also a little number with some pickled peas that i'll talk about later, but what i wanted to tell you about was the simple syrup. tomorrow i'm going to make a nice fresh lemon/limeade and i like to use a honey-based syrup and i had it in the pan and it was so beautiful and sunshiny that i took a picture of it for you.

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