Wednesday, July 14, 2010

my streak is over.

i hold the all-time record for most consecutive last place finishes in the tuesday night running series at catamount, at twenty consecutive starts in the series and twenty consecutive last place finishes.

that's a season and a half of showing up to every race, running my best, and finishing last.

when i first believed i was the record holder in this category, i went back many years in the records to find that for the most part last place finishers or even those finishing in the last dozen places or so come every now and again, but they do not generally come every week.

two seasons ago i was last in every race.

then last season in the opener betty (who was 81 years old and had just run a marathon on sunday) slowed a little to let me finish ahead of her, not realizing she wasn't doing me any favor.

my streak was still good and running strong until last night when a woman finished behind me.

i do not think anyone will ever break my record, but i'm still sad to see my streak come to an end.

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