Friday, September 24, 2010

haec est dies

Its National Punctuation Day and everybody is celebrating!  Every day must have it's own celebration i'm sure but i am particularly fond of punctuation. Grammar Girl is celebrating, as are the folks, over at National Punctuation Day. And i know i have linked you here before but here is a very fine rant on the use of the apostrophe. That i enjoy.

Because i have a very busy day today i haven't got alot of time, to write a clever post about punctuation so i will leave you with this simple tip; you may not use a "comma" to link "independent clauses" unless you also employ a conjunction (but, you may wish to use the comma to separate out parenthetical items.)

Sorry i haven't got something more clever for you today: but its the thought that count's. Isn't it.

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KristaBeth said...

It was great to meet you yesterday at the Walk! Small world!


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