Tuesday, September 07, 2010

overheard at a natural history museum

i'm back from my fabulous labor day vacation with the crashcos and i'm sure that as time progresses that story will come out in a variety of locations.

for now what i'm giving you is a short movie i made at xtranormal, which is an interesting little animated moviemaking toy that's free with add-ons you can pay for .

the link to it has been sitting on my desk for a while, and i've been waiting for an opportunity to use it and see how that goes before i tell you about it. i like it pretty much, and i think i will maybe use it to play a little with conversations i have overheard.

this conversation took place after a presentation with the captive otters at an unnamed (here, at least) natural history museum. through the entire presentation the young man giving it kept talking about how only CAPTIVE otters need enrichment in order to stimulate their brains like their wild counterparts.

maybe i should also mention that the natural history museum does not capture wild otters but only has rehabilitated otters that are for some reason or another unsuitable for release.

here's my movie.

you can watch it on youtube if you like.

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