Thursday, September 30, 2010

museum day

last saturday was smithsonian magazine's museum day, and i know i wrote you about being excited about it.

so i called up the crashcos to see if they wanted to go and he had something to do, but she was free. now, when it comes to museum going, i'm not very fussy. i have been to great museums and i have been to sucky museums and the truth of it is that i just like museums. i like to look at stuff. if i get to play with stuff, that's even better. and i'm toasty with science museums or history museums or art museums or what-have-you, so i pretty much let mrs. c pick where to go.

so she printed us us a ticket to the lake champlain maritime museum and off we went.

you might think that having looked at a map and being somewhat familiar with the territory we might be able to find a thing as big as the maritime museum, but you'd be wrong.

my plan, such as it was, was to have a look at the map and then drive down there and look for signs. a thing as big as the maritime museum must have a sign or two?

well, it does, but only at oddly-spaced and inappropriate intervals. for instance, you might not have been planning on turning down a particular road but you see a sign to the museum and so you follow that road but then a few miles on when you get to the next intersection, there's no indication which of the plausible choices you ought to take.

and it goes like that. so we had a lovely tour of panton, bridport, and their environs. it's pretty country and we were in good spirits.

once at the museum we had a good time looking at boats and reading history and we got to go aboard the philadelphia II, which is a replica of the original philadelphia that was run aground in the battle of valcour island in 1776.


of course i took pictures, so here's my slideshow:

 and if that diving helmet looks fun, here's a little video of the pump that supplies it with air.

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