Wednesday, September 01, 2010

prize time!

we just had the award potluck for this race series. prizes are handed out on the basis of attendance and since i'm there every week (for like eleven years running or something like that) i go up to the prize table pretty early on in the proceedings.

i'm kind of nuts about bags. is that a girly thing? i love shoes and i confess i love bags. one of the best thing about taking up any new activity is the possibility that i will need new shoes to wear or a new bag in which to carry equipment.

so i got this bag. in the plush plaid version.

i gave it to cr, because let's face it, i have four hydration packs already in various sizes, plus one more i don't yet use that still has its tags on it, and although it is awesome to win a cool bag, it is even more awesome to win a cool bag to give as a gift.

cr wasn't sure i should give her such a thing, but i was all, like, dude. there's NOTHING on that prize table i don't already have three of. and she says, maybe for my birthday or for christmas.

she hasn't yet caught on to the way the natives here give gifts: it's wednesday. here. hope you like it.

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