Friday, September 17, 2010

think you're alone?

hmmm... doodly-ooodly...

what? are you still here?

checking your facebook? don't let me stop you.

disclosure: i do not have a facebook account.

that's not entirely true; i have a mostly unused facebook account under a fictitious name in case i have to try to contact someone without a proper webpage that only has facebook for some reason, like a certain library i'm not going to mention because other than that it's a nice library and apparently they haven't heard that there are perfectly good hosting services that do nonprofits for free.

at least that's the only reason i can think of why a public institution would forego a standard webpage and use facebook only.

ok, so i'm enough of a media whore to keep a blog. i have a website with a podcast and everything and if for some reason you want to read me, i'm toasty with that, but i'm not soliciting followers or friends and i don't twitter and i don't facebook (when did that become a verb?).

i have nothing against twitter, but i just don't see that i have much to say in under 140 characters that other people would enjoy having foisted on them on a regular basis. at least here you have to come read me; i don't thrust myself into your phone at my every whim.

and facebook! well, facebook is just evil, in my estimation. need evidence? sure. i won't bother with a crisp little rant about it, but i'll just leave you with some fun links:

it's like watching a bad road accident
a fun little infographic that explains a LOT
and the scariest of all.  enter "probation officer" in the search field if you're not sure where to start.

have a nice day.

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