Saturday, September 18, 2010


i think at some point i promised to write you about the teeny little quiches, and i'm surprised it's taken this long because a) they are very, very good, and b) i just like to say the words: teeny little quiches. these words should be said, if you are saying them, very quickly and strung together like all one word: teenylittlequiches.

i found the recipe for them here and even though i had ever made quiche of any kind before, it seemed easy enough and i was attracted to the idea that they might be made and frozen, since as a single person it's often impractical to make a lot of things that i'll only have to eat up long before i get sick of it, unless i'm having company.

i was also driven by the prospect of an upcoming potluck, a dinner guest who doesn't eat much but likes lots of flavors, and a camping trip for which i often supply a lot of the pre-made meals.

into the pan
i ended up making two batches because i couldn't decide on fillings and because, hey, they're supposed to freeze well, so why not?

i also did not stick to the recipe, and modified it to suit my intended fillings, which may be a risky thing to do with not only a recipe one has not tried, but a whole class of food one has never made before, btu it turned out just fine in the end and nobody need have worried.

for my first batch i used less zucchini than the recipe called for and substituted some lightly cooked rainbow chard that i got from the farmers' market (remind me to write about that when i've nothing else going on), and i only meant to test ONE when they came out of the oven, but these things are FABULOUS!

for my second batch i struck out entirely on my own with the filling, and went with wild mushrooms (i catch them myself), rainbow chard, and some spiffy purple carrots from the farmers' market.

and out of the oven
they look pretty and taste good and they DO freeze well, so if you're very nice to me and you come to my house i may let you have some.

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