Friday, September 10, 2010

simple plans

right, ok.

i'm sick to death of terry jones (get your own blasted link for that fruitcake) and i'm sick of all the anti-islamic crap in this country and europe (do you HEAR me, france?). even the nicest, kindest, little christian ladies are spouting some of the most stunning examples of bigotry and islamophobia i've ever heard.

want to know how to stop the shrinking of your churches? want to know how to keep young people from being islamified or atheized?


i am sick to death of the daily dose of who died today in the wars and i'm sick of articles like this.

want to know how to stop the cycle of violence and by the way slow the radicalization of muslims / africans / basques / catholics / gays / poor people?


i am REALLY sick of hearing people whining about how bad the economy is and how nobody knows what to do about it without putting it all on the backs of poor people or children or the mentally ill or crippled.

here's my handy four-point plan for reviving the economy.

1) STOP THE WAR. it's the single most expensive thing going on. it's not necessary, and the cost of caring for all the mangled veterans (which we are morally obligated to do) grows larger every day. this cost will only increase over the next 40 years even if no more of those guys get hurt after today.

2) LEGALIZE MARIJUANA. you heard me; legalize it. and tax it. while we're at it, lessen the penalties for possession or use of other drugs, which brings me to the third point:

3) STOP BUILDING PRISONS. these things are expensive. let's quit sending nonviolent offenders to prison for long sentences in what can only be called the world's most efficient trade schools. kids go in there green and come out professional criminals. let's put that money into education and jobs programs. out-and-out gifts, if we have to do it. everybody's got money for punishment, but not for prevention. dumbasses. prevention is more cost-effective.


there. i'm done for now. tonight i'm going dancing. tomorrow i'm going on a little vacation. later on i will tell you about what's going on in my kitchen or on the golf course or some sunny little thing, but not today.

today i'm mary sunshine.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Amen Sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are we twins?

Karen Kaye said...

One word (doubled): Here here!

Mad Jack said...

I've noted that if the illustrious Pastor (Reverend? Monsignor? Brother? Elder?) Jones wanted to set an example for the Islamic terrorists, he'd have a forgiveness day. On 9/11 he and his huge congregation of fifty (50) or so members could all pray that the Lord would soften their hearts so that they could forgive the terrorists that attacked the WTC.

He won't. But he could.

RW said...

flask For The Win!


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