Thursday, January 20, 2011

eggs and cream

lately i've been on this thing where i make darling little ice creams. but i can't just make them. oh, no. i have to improvise. which is all right, since they're turning out all right, but the urge strikes me and there i am in the grocery store buying way more eggs and way more cream that i ever have in my life because you have to have those things if you're going to be making ice cream.

and i use eggs for other stuff anyway and have you SEEN what they charge for eggs if you decide you need to have cage free eggs, never mind organic eggs, and i STILL don't like the kind of life even those farm chickens are having, so i've been looking for someone who can set me up with home grown free range eggs that won't cost me an arm and a leg and then -bingo!- some friends of mine at church got some chickens who have now started laying sufficiently steadily that they can hook me up with my weekly eggs at $2 a dozen, which is half what i'd pay in the grocey store, but -get this: they'll take ice cream in trade.

and yes, i KNOW that a pint of homemade premium ice cream is worth more than the $2, but i'm saving money on my groceries in general by getting the eggs cheap plus i'm not supporting a factory farm PLUS i can only eat about a third of the ice cream i make, and that's if i have people over and share what i have in my freezer, so it's kind of a recreational thing.

the way i see it, i'm gaining. i'm going to make the ice cream anyway, and give some of it away. and i save $4 on eggs.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Am I talking to the new Ben & Jerry?

I love ice cream and have had no great luck with it. I have a machine and each recipe was just okay. I gave up after my 4th try.

Why does having to be free range or organic be so expensive all the time. I don't get it.

flask said...

peg, probably not.

but i used to go to ben & jerry's back when they made their ice cream a gallon or two at a time in a single batch maker that used to walk itself across the floor, back when the one store was still in the old gas station, back when the menu board used to read "today's orgasmic flavors" instead of "today's euphoric flavors" and you never knew what you were going to get, but it was good.

but now it's just one more expensive premium ice cream by one more multinational corporation, so it's nothing special anymore, even though tourists still come by the busload on pilgrimiage like ti was something special still.

i'll tell you why free range is expensive: have you seen how they raise farm chickens? it's a lot cheaper to put them in boxes and pump them full of chemicals than it is to put them on the land and let them be chickens, at least on the large scale.

if you're not willing to pay double for your eggs, don't look to far into it.

me, i'm delighted to have gotten out of it altogether. now, if i can just get hooked up with a dairy...


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