Wednesday, January 12, 2011

what i like today

this morning i woke up and although it hadn't snowed much, it was snowing pretty strongly, so i scrapped my plans to go skiing, figuring i could grocery shop today and ski tomorrow. i do not care to ski while it is actually snowing out; i'm fussy that way. it gets down my neck, my goggles fog up, whine, whine. i haven't the time for all that. i can do it tomorrow.

it turns out i won't be doing it tomorrow, either. it turns out that with such a monumental dump of snow it will take a day for them to groom it out so that i can ski in it without hurting myself (no full set of connective tissue in either knee, besides old and out of shape), but the way it was snowing today i also didn't get to go grocery shopping, either.

so what did i do?

i read this awesome story: cucumber gravy, by susan palwick.  you should read it too. full disclosure: i read her blog, which you can find here. she talks a lot about cats and knitting and writing and chaplaincy and learning to play the viola but mostly why i like to read her blog is that she's a decent person and she can string a sentence together intelligently. i'm not so wild about cats or knitting but if she's writing about it, i'm willing to read it.

today i love creamed chipped beef on mashed potatoes, but if you want some of that, you have to make your own. i make mine with both worcestershire sauce and tabasco.

i also like snow. today i started working on this year's edition of the snohaus, which can only be described as my seasonal monument to insanity. here's an entry from last year describing that and if you're enterprising you can get from there to the photo albums but if i think of it later maybe i'll link you to the full account of last year's two incarnations of the snowfort.

as a result of that i heard the neighborhood children refer to me in awed tones as "that crazy old lady". excellent. i am just barely forty-six years old and i am already "that crazy old lady".

also on my list of what i like today is this sexy little number, an hour-long documentary on how awesome statistics are, which i'm only halfway done watching and which i want to finish watching before i go to bed for the night.

ooooh. talk nerdy to me.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

this post made me smile and laugh.

1. I would LOVE it with tabasco and worcestershire. Add both a lot to my recipes because sadly I only cook from scratch.

2. Sexy stats! Those 2 words make me laugh.

3. I have been called the crazy old lady too! Welcome to my club.

Givinya De Elba said...

Hi Flask, you sound like you're going well today, and I thank God for that. Lovely post - worcestershire and tabasco sound great. Sorry the kids called you the crazy old lady. They'll start calling me the same in not too many years from now.


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