Monday, January 17, 2011

here's my day

it would seem like a random collection of stuff except for the common theme of it was how i spent my day:

i got up this morning after some lovely lounging in bed to read with my usual breakfast a blog article that informs me that aside from some side effects i've known about, there are some additional alarming side effects to some medications i've been taking  that would actually CAUSE the problems they've been prescribed to me to help.

but after breakfast i read the ski report as is my custom (at least in winter) and learned that today they were spinning the number one chair, which is my favorite, and although i had planned to go skiing today anyway, i decided to get a move on because any day they spin the number one chair is a day i get going early. not that it makes much of a difference just yet, because i'm still pretty out of shape and still don't have even a half day's skiing in my legs yet, but i can pretend, can't i?

so i got myself up there.

but before i get to leave the driveway,  i find my garage door to be malfunctioning and i can't figure out how to use my backup override key because even though i was paying attention when the guy explained how to do it, that was like twelve years ago and i'm standing there trying to figure it out and my neighbor happens to come over and show me not just how to do it but how to fix it later, and i am on my way.

and the parking lot was WAY full. turns out it's a holiday weekend or something. the place was full of foreigners, and by foreigners, i mean people who buy day passes, never mind people who have out of state plates, let alone come up on a bus from D.C.

D.C.? you kidding me? you all got on a bus to come all the way up here? to bolton? did you people get lost on the way to stowe or something?

anyway, whenever i see people from away on the mountain, i am happy to see them and can't be friendly enough. i know which side my local economy is buttered on. i know who pays for my mountain to keep running. a mountain full of foreigners is a mountain that will stay open.

and today was my FAVORITE kind of day of mountain full of foreigners: beautiful blue sky, perfect piles and piles of snow, lodge full of people, no wind, all the lifts running, happy contests and events, hotels full, snack bar humming, and seven degrees outside.

that means everybody comes and buys lift tickets and nobody but the locals actually skis. everybody's happy.

and because they're spinning the number one chair, i get to take my picture from the elbow of peggy dow's like i do every day i ski off of that chair, which means since i haven't linked you to it in a while, i am going to get to show you my peggy dow video, my love song to a ski trail:

and then i came home and had a little lunch, kind of based on this recipe, but since i'm not vegan, i just went right ahead and used butter and some lovely fontina cheese and i tossed some greens in at the end of the mushroom and onion sautée.

the maple i use in all of my recipes these days is from isham family farm and the truth is that there's no difference between one very fine premium vermont maple and another, but i like ginger and her farm, and that's the maple i use in my kitchen these days. grade b. that's what i like. and i use a lot of it.

after lunch i fixed the garage door which took some doing; seven degrees out, remember? plus i'd never used the override thingy and those pins had never moved since their installation day and there's a lot you can do with a fine lubricant but i'm kind of on the short side and reaching over my head is not the optimum angle for all this on a day like today.

but i get it reassembled and everything and of course i can't just call it a day and move on, oh, no. i'm not done playing outside. i have to spend an hour or so working on my awesome snowfort because i'm a freaking LUNATIC and i'm just not happy unless i have moved a half ton of snow.

so then i come back into the house and get undressed and everything and make myself a little something to eat for supper, and because i'm chilly i think a little bowl of miso soup over white rice with a poached egg on top will be just the thing. kind of like this recipe only because i'm feeling a little lazy i go ahead and use packaged miso. it's lovely.

and as long as i happen to be in the kitchen, i start up a new batch of ginger ale.


and while i had a few minutes that were unaccounted for, i set out all my meds for the week, and organized all of october's photos for the thirteen project. okay, so i'm just a few months behind on that one, but i have my excuses. once i get back on my feet, i'll get that taken care of.

now if you'll excuse me, i want to take a hot shower and head off to bed.

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