Monday, January 10, 2011

three things

thing one: today i went skiing for the first time all season. i went to pick up my pass and then i thought i'd have a few runs, but the truth is i'm out of shape and i don't have more than two runs in me and even those weren't very aggressive runs and i had to stop to rest on the second one, but two runs is better than no runs.

i seem to have lost weight since last season, if the photo on my pass is any indicator, which is both awesome and surprising, considering i just spent the last month or so sitting on my ass eating high fat hospital foods in large portions like they give out and not exercising much.

thing two: i follow a very funny blog written by a woman in queensland. you know, the place with all the flooding. today she posted an awesome video her husband shot of floodwaters and it's just gone viral and no i'm not going to link you to it because i'm just not. i found her by accident and although i'm kind of a guest there, i don't think she's prepared for a few million guests.

just by accident a couple of months ago i happened to discover this awesome little blog about an hour before THAT one went all viral and i was all, like, wait a minute! a few minutes ago it was just me and you and a few other people you knew and i was just a random stranger that wandered in here and all of a sudden where did these other forty-four THOUSAND people come from? only since the other forty-four thousand people came in about an hour after i did i hadn't really established much of a claim to permanence there and in a few days there were millions of people and the things was being translated into portuguese and she was giving interviews on french television and MSNBC and things still really haven't calmed down in her household but they will soon, i think. i still read the blog but i think most of the other people have gone.

anyway, i'm not linking you to the lady in queensland. you didn't hear about her from me.

thing three: you know how i love maps. and you know how i love infographics. here's a little interactive map infographic thingy fedex has done that you can play with. ooooh, oooooh! i may not ever have sex again as long as i live, but i can still enjoy a well-done cartogram.


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