Sunday, January 16, 2011

stunning, really

there would have been not reason NOT to sleep in and skip church today except that  there was a thing i'd told martin i'd do for him and donna-sue and i'd said i'd bring it and as long as i had to heave myself out of bed to brng it i might as well heave myself out of be on time to come for practice with the CMT, nevermind i'd been to the dance at the capital city grange with the crashcos last night.

the dance was its usual good time and about seven different kinds of awesome even though i'm not in as good a shape as i used to be in and after the first half we decided to go home which was probably the right thing to have done, considering the amount of muscle soreness that was in store for me but i'm still glad i went because as i said, it's about seven different kinds of awesome and worth it, even when the alarm clock goes off for church in the morning.

the real reason i'm writing to you about it is that i get to tell you about my fabulous solution to the what-to-wear-between-home-and-the-dance problem, which is only really a big problem when it's cold out, because here it's REALLY cold out sometimes, but you also might need to put your dress on before you leave the house and once people get moving in that grange hall it gets mighty warm, so it's not even an option to wear stockings.

so i went with an outfit that i thought was really genius which mrs. crascho photographed for your "benefit", and although it was more utilitarian than anything, i thought i  had sort of hit the high water mark of true vermont crunchy-granola-earthmother-hippie-volvo-driving-lesbian-vegetarian-potluck chic, or  maybe in short, "i know where goddard college is".

my outfit is almost entirely black and should properly be described for you: a cute little black shirt, short sleeves and a scoop neck, with lycra shorts and black and hot pink socks as a base layer. most people would not see the shorts, since over that i am wearing a calf-length peasanty-crinkly skirt with bangly things that flares out when i dance and pretty and girly-like. i'm wearing a very plain silver cross around my neck, and cute little silver and onyx dangle earrings, on the conservative side. against the cold i'm wearing a little fleece jacket,  a little round fleece hat with a tassel, an oversized men's tweed greatcoat, merrell winter weight clogs -and this is the kicker- fleece pants that bunch up at the ankles just so to give me that endearing look that suggests i have just come from the potluck.

you will be glad to know that the fleece pants and most of the outlandish garb come off before i hit the dance floor.

but hey, i'm warm and happy, before and after.

anyway, this afternoon i worked on my awesome snowfort and some things in the kitchen and maybe later i'll tel you about that or not, but there are pictures and either way i'll talk to you later.

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