Tuesday, August 28, 2012

all i'm saying about it.

i voted today. in vermont when you go to vote in a primary, they hand you the ballot for all the parties (3) and you can only  vote one, but you get to choose every blessed time. you never have to tell them which primary you're voting in.

i vote in the democratic primary about as often as i vote in the republican primary because i feel it's important  to have the best slate of candidates to choose from in the general election. i can only ever recall voting a straight ticket once in the general election.

what i'm trying to say is that i don't approve of partisan politics for the sake of partisan politics.

and i will confess to having been a onetime ron paul supporter.

yesterday i heard a howlingly funny interview from the republican national convention. the reporter had a paul  delegate there and he had a few moments to say something about his candidate. what did he say in support of his man? no matter what, he's casting his vote for paul. "you can make fun of it all you want," he said, "but it's easy to spell."

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