Monday, August 13, 2012

hill o' beans

in the world of glitch, i am obscenely wealthy. this is a nice change from real life.

i have always made most of my money from selling raw materials in the auction house. most people think the money is in more complicated things, but it costs you next to nothing to wander around the world gathering beans and cherries and bubbles and such and although you can't sell them for much, you can sell a lot of them for a little, and volume adds up.

beans are nominally worth 1 currant. you can sell them on auction at a daily average price of 4.8 currants, and often as high as 6.

in  my early days when i didn't have money and needed it quick, i used to sell beans on auction for two currants under going price. i made a LOT of money doing it.

but other player would speak to me, insisting that i should sell at higher prices, mostly because they wanted THEIR beans to sell at those higher prices. and sometimes they would appeal to my sense of greed by explaining to me as if i were terribly naive that other players were only going to buy my cheap  beans and turn around and resell them at higher prices.

"fine," i said. "then two of us can get rich off of the same beans and not just me."

the thing was at the time i needed money and i needed it quick.

now i can afford to buy hundreds of thousands of beans at 3 and wait until i can sell them at 6.

and someone out there still needs that money quick.

here's a thing: if you think my prices are too high, feel free to undersell me and you can control prices. if you think my prices are too low, fell free to buy my underpriced beans and sell them at a price that suits you better.

if you can't do either, get out of my way.

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