Friday, August 31, 2012

little adventures

if you're following my story at all, you know that i like to go out and do stuff. i like adventures. not base-jumping-globe-trotting-fate-tempting adventures, but the kind of adventure you have if you just wander around a little and leave yourself open to whatever comes.

so yesterday i was playing that game i play and another player asked casually in the chat when i was coming to visit her, because she had a big farm chore to do.

i'll come tomorrow, i said. i have the day free.

there's a lot of things i don't know about the world, but i imagine it is difficult to be in the middle of moving from your old farm to your new one in a different state and having to do a lot of the things on the new farm alone while your husband does a lot of the chores on the old farm alone and imagine that each new chore looms kind of large on that landscape and company would be nice.

i've never had a huge tent to put up on a new farm and i've never raised sheep or herded geese but i have been on the wrong end of tasks that just seem too big.

plus it's an adventure.

we had to figure out how to put up a huge army tent and do it plus there were sheep and dogs and turkeys and chickens and ducks to look at and it was a pretty day and it involved an exceptional roast beef sammich.

i'd show you pictures, but i;m too tired to upload them.

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