Wednesday, August 22, 2012

parking lot talk

if you thought the US team olympic cycling uniforms looked spiffy on tv, i can tell you that they look spiffy right up close and in person.

i think i mentioned to you that i have crossed paths with lea davison in the parking lot at catamount. i think i told you that along with her sister she runs a mentoring program for girls on mountain bikes.

tonight after our race (and i will want to tell you more about both that and cycling uniforms later) i went up to her and i had a few things to say to her. i'm only going to tell you my part of the conversation:

i want to thank you for your work.

we've only ever talked here in the parking lot and i only knew you as "that nice young woman who does little bellas". i had no idea who you were, even.

i cried watching you on tv. 

and i cried watching you come across the finish line tonight.

your work is important.

every time i see a fat woman on a bicycle i cheer. (i was well over 230 pounds when i started riding) every time i see a little girl on a mountain bike it makes me happy.

to ride a bike is to cheat death.

riding a bike is freedom. it is mastery.

and for too many of us, there is not enough of that in the world.

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