Saturday, August 11, 2012

soooo-eeee! pigpigpig

so today i watched the 'lympic mountain bike race. i was going to talk about that but afterward i went for a little ride and my hurty foot has cleared up and a couple of days on the sofa seem to have done wonders for my ride (note to self) but i didn't want to push things and came in after only doing a lap of this weeks course and a lap of next week's course.

...which put me in the parking lot as the wedding guests were arriving. the venue is often used as a place for weddings and such, so that's nto unusual.

what was unusual about this was that both sides of the family were from away. as in from MA and CT away, and heaven only knows why the happy couple (who do not live here) decided they should get married in a meadow in vermont.

i heard a few of the guests talking about the having been warned not to wear spiky heels and being somewhat in disbelief that there wasn't a path or patio or anything, and i hear one say "and that's a real barn there. not even a refurbished one with a dance floor or anything. not to be mean, but it's an actual barn."

i nearly peed myself laughing.

so you can imagine how fully hysterical it became when the pig came trotting down the road.

a passer-by asked me if she was a pet, and if she was supposed to be there.

"her name is bacon", i told them, and she doesn't belong in the road.

one thing was for certain, though. we had to catch the pig, because even if folk wisdom says it's good luck if a runaway pig crashes your wedding none of us thought the wedding party or guests would have enjoyed a visit from the pig.

since i was still on bike, i herded her in the general direction of eric and lucy, who had a rope and a bucket of feed.

it's like bike polo, only with a pig.

yes, bike polo is a sport.

it is, too. they play it.

anyway, we got the pig into the barn, but she slipped right on out.

she is a clever little pig, and quick. i have not spent a lot of time around a lot of pigs, but i know from experience that some pigs are mean and some pigs are ornery but this pig was just having the best time. if pigs laugh, this one was laughing.

at first she was nervous about me and my bike, but then she decided she liked it and came over and snuffled my tire and brakes and then it was my turn to be nervous, because she looked like she might like to take a little taste of that front tire.

i reached down and scratched her ears.

and then we managed to get her over near the pigpen and eric thought the pig liked my bike well enough to follow it in, so he just put it in there and she scrambled in after it.

ten minutes later the sky opened up and the rain came down and the wedding party- (sans tent- who has a wedding without a tent on a late summer afternoon in vermont???)- the wedding party fled.

ten minutes after that the pig was loose again.

we decided not to care.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

oh my this made me laugh!
Thank you for that.


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