Wednesday, August 12, 2015

bitter pill - early in the day

so, if you're following my story at all, you know that i went out to do the bitter pill a week ago last saturday, because by now it's a thing we do.

just in case i haven't talked your ear off about it already, i will tell you that we started off the day piling onto buses at 0400 and were dropped off just before start time at the state park in waterbury center.

we were given instructions to tie glowsticks (mandatory equipment) to our PFDs and told that at the start, one member of each team would be swimming out to the boats to get the passports, which is the sheet of paper you have to stamp at each checkpoint.

i left barb to tend to the packs while i took care of the swim.

and let's just say that all those who were wearing hats did not have to try to swim one handed while keeping a piece of paper dry.

once back on land, we took to the boats for a lovely sunrise paddle, followed by a number of hours of foot travel on rough terrain.

by map and compass.

yeah, that's the stuff.

anyway, here's some video from it.

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